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The Freeholders 2020 Board was not voted upon at our January 2020 Annual Meeting as a quorum of voting members was not present. 

  • 2019 Board Members remain active & Board Officers are unchanged until a new Board is selected by membership. 

  • Four 2019 Board members resigned or left the area:  Karine Rich, Travis Haag, Kim Hansen & Kim Liddell.

  • For Board balance, Diana Gregory (current president) appointed Dan Farkas to serve as a temporary Board Member;  Dan was on the 2020 Election Ballot as a Board candidate.


2019 Board of Directors

President:        Diana Gregory
V-President:    Mark Derosa 
Secretary:        Keri Rocco       
Treasurer:        Role filled by D. Gregory     
At-large Members:
Kathy Blanton 
Sara Walpole   
Daniel Farkas            (temporary)
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